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All Slash Art

All Slash-All Art-All The Time

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All Slash Art is for those of us who love to see pretty boyz (and girlz) together and then make pictures of it.

Hi all angstpuppy here, your hostess with obviously too much time on her hands,

Welcome to: All Slash Art!

Join and then post your wallpapers, manips, blends, icons, layouts, whatever so long as it's slash and it's art!

Posts also can be recs, resources, links ect. As long as it's asociated with the art and the slash...post away.

Rules: cause ya know there's gotta be some

1. Put your art behind a cut. Warn if it is not work or child safe.

2. Don't snitch someone's art unless they say it's ok. That said, artists, please let people know wether the art you post is available for grabbing.

4. Play nice. Have fun

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